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Welcome to Nomad’s Wind

Hi everyone, I’m Carlotta! I’m a traveler and a photographer trying to set her feet on each country. Seeing a beautiful picture or reading an article will make me buy a last minute ticket to a new country trying to get the perfect shot. I never know where I will be tomorrow, but you can always find me here and follow my adventures.


  • Battambang

Cambodia Travel Diary #2: Battambang


Battambang, located in the North West of Cambodia, is the capital of the Battambang region and the second most populated city in Cambodia. The city has a rich French colonial heritage and green picturesque landscape. […]

  • 2014

2014 In Pictures


2014 started with a big tour of California. Although my favorite city was probably San Diego, there is nothing that screams California more then a sunset on Venice Beach

It was the first time that I […]

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