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  • What is Trover And Why Is It A Great Travel App

    What is Trover And Why Is It A Great Travel App

    There are heaps of travel tools popping out like mushrooms and you just can’t keep up with all of them. Plus they are not all useful, so sometimes you waste your time trying to figure out […]

Welcome to Nomad’s Wind

Hi everyone, I’m Carlotta! I’m a traveler and a photographer trying to set her feet on each country. Seeing a beautiful picture or reading an article will make me buy a last minute ticket to a new country trying to get the perfect shot. I never know where I will be tomorrow, but you can always find me here and follow my adventures.


  • Vietnam

Why You Should Visit Vietnam


Before heading to Vietnam, I met several people who have been there before and most of them were very unimpressed. They described the country as unfriendly, a place where people just want to scam you […]

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