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The Stories Images Tell

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We all know that images are a really powerful communication tool that can easily influence people’s opinion, but do we really understand how powerful this tool is? We are constantly bombarded by all sorts of images; sleek advertisements, news, social networks. Our everyday life sees a constant exposure to images. An image can give, at …

Georgetown by night

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Georgetown, located in the northeast corner of Penang Island, is the second largest metropolitan area in Malaysia and it’s inner city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a interesting architecture, where old colonial buildings alternate with big, beautiful muslim mosques and colorful chinese or hindu temples. This isn’t the only thing …

Where We Worked Remotely in Bali


Traveling and working can easily transform you into an internet slave: always checking for the best position to have a better signal, running speed tests and picking hotels and cafes based on the quality of their internet connection. The internet isn’t the only thing that you need to have for a productive day on the …

What to expect in Seminyak


If you are seeking to escape the western frenetic world to dig yourself in a new cultural experience and beautiful natural landscape, Seminyak is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you want a holiday with all the comforts, some extra luxury and international party, Seminyak is the place to be. Every …

My Ubud experience

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As some of you might already know, my awesome trip in Bali was completely unplanned and was the result of a very last minute visa cancellation (From New Zealand to Bali: When Your Visa Gets Cancelled Mid-Flight). With little time to study our options, we ended up staying about 10 days in Ubud and other …