The trip starts in Newark, Delaware, the typical America small university town.


The beautiful college is now not very busy because of the Christmas holiday, but you can still smell the sacrifice of people ready to pay an average of $10,000 per year to have the chance of doing something great with their future. (For sure they don’t waste 6 years to complete a 3 years degree.)

In Newark people are simple.

In Newark the traffic lights hang in the middle of the streets.


In Newark  your neighbor is your friend and you don’t need a fence around your garden.


In Newark you don’t care which car you drive, but for sure you are American.


I had the luck to spend some time with Christine and Josh and their beautiful children.

This is a young Christian family.

Is a family in which:

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And this explains it all.

This is the classical American family according to my grandmother eyes: a family in which the sofas are big tables are big, the fridge is big, the Christmas three is very big, but especially where the love is big.IMG_8452IMG_8425

In this family dinner for the kids is at 6 and after that it’s a little party.

No TV, no useless shouting, no neurotic parents, just music, dance and cookies!


In this family children have to have some time to express themselves, they play together, they dance together, they mix together their different style.


In this family you don’t need to shout or to scold.

You say what is wrong, you explain why and the pouting is soon follow buy a laugh. Maybe that’s the key, because at the end of the day, as my grandmother says, “ridere ti allunga la vita”.

So, is this the secret potion for eternity?