My travel plans keep changing.

Every time I read something interesting or see an awesome picture, I end up changing my itinerary trying to include that place in it.

My original plan made perfect sense: from Chiang Mai to the north part of Laos in October, north Vietnam in November, down to the middle then south in December, from there to Cambodia and up to the south part of Laos in January. All this would have been by land and I would have caught a flight into the Philippines in February to meet the Pulpo, alias Justine the crazy french. About 4 months for my land loop sounded perfect; never had a better organized plan.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.51.29 PM

After the Philippines I have this idea to fly to Myanmar and then go back to Europe by land, but for now this is just an idea or, better a dream. I can’t plan that far in advance and I haven’t been looking into it yet.

Back to the short term plan. Something had to happen to make me change my mind and so it did. I found out that the first week of November in Chiang Mai there will be the Yi Peng: a religious ceremony in which thousands of lanterns get released into the sky with peoples wishes. It takes place once a year in all Thailand, but in Chiang Mai it’s apparently a bigger event. Can I miss it? I really don’t think so! This means that after Laos I will be back to Chiang Mai and from there I will fly to Vietnam and continue my old itinerary.

So this is my new travel plan:

Laos at the beginning of October, Chiang Mai at the end of October and beginning of November, Vietnam at the end of November and December, Cambodia mid-January to mid-February and then the Philippines.

Will I stick to this plan? We will see.


This is to say that if anyone needs a break, a holiday, has a nervous breakdown and wants to escape or simply  find a cheap flight ticket or whatever; you, more or less, know where to find me for the next few months. Veronica is especially required to consider the beach getaway in the Philippines.