I’m back! Almost…

After spending 3 weeks exploring Myanmar and being offline most of the time, I am back in Thailand. Traveling to Myanmar is really like traveling in different world: it doesn’t feel like South East Asia anymore and it doesn’t feel like 2014.

It was a beautiful trip where I experienced many different emotions and learned a lot about people and about myself.

I’ve been back in Thailand for almost a week and I haven’t been able to write or edit or tidy up my thoughts about Myanmar or anything else really. Why?

Well, Myanmar left me with 2 wonderful presents: Dengue fever and a urinary infection, which means that I spent my time between the bed, the pharmacy and the hospital. How wonderful!

In case you are wondering, Dengue fever, also called breakbone fever, is a virus transmitted by useless mosquitoes. It felt like the flu but the difference was that my arms were covered in red spots and my legs were so painful that I couldn’t sleep. It felt like they were inside a press and they were going to break. I totally understand why it’s called breakbone fever!

The number of white blood cells and the platelets drop, which is why I need to check my blood and see if it’s coming back to a normal level or it’s dropping too much. In the meantime, the only thing that you can do is take paracetamol for the fever and the pain.


This Bamboo forest was mosquito’s land! I think that this is where I got infected…

Although I feel much better now, the mix of dengue and antibiotics for the other infection, which is not related, drained most of my energy. So pictures and thoughts about Myanmar are coming but slowly.

One of the main reasons I’m back in Chiang Mai is the lantern festival, which will take place tomorrow! Tomorrow I also have my (hopefully) last blood test.

The question is: will I survive the long day?