I have been thinking for a long time if to write about this place or not, I kind of wanted to keep it a secret. An amazing place that just few people knows about. This is the place where you can find yourself, rediscover and appreciate the simple things, fall in love with the ocean, nature and life. And thinking that at the beginning I wasn’t even sure if to go or not.

Nomads Land is the only accommodation option in Koh Totang, an undeveloped island part of the Koh Sdach archipelago. In the 1.3Km long and 500m wide island there is no running water, no electricity and no wifi.

Jarel and I wanted to spend a few days in one of the beautiful islands in the south of Cambodia for Christmas. We didn’t consider that, due to the time of the year, wasn’t the easiest thing to organize last minute. With just a week of notice, most of the accommodation for Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem and the other islands around, were gone. I started a deeper research of every single island in the area, big or small. In the same days, travelfish (your Bible when it comes to organize a trip in Southeast Asia), was updating all its destinations in Cambodia. There I found Nomads Land, with one available bungalow.

I still wasn’t sure that it would have been the right place for me. I’m scared of animals, I have never been a camping person and I can be a real sissy when I’m too close to the nature. The absence of running water, the dry compost toilet and bungalows open on the side so everything can come in; were making me hesitant.

We decided to give it a try and we couldn’t be more happy.

The guest house is composed by 5 bungalows 100% eco friendly. During the rainy season, water get collected in a big water pool and then filtered to make it drinkable. There is no running water so there are just bucket showers and dry toilets. The power is given by solar panels, provided in each bungalow to get light in the evening.


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nomads land

The bungalows are fantastic! Each one is different from the other, studied in every single detail, nicely decorated and very comfortable. In front you have a little porch where to sit and enjoy the noise of the ocean. The bungalows face the part of the island where the sun rise so every morning you wake up with a spectacular pink sky. On the beach there are some hammocks on which you can chill during the day, there are kayak to get around, snorkel so that you can watch the beautiful corals.

The best part of Nomads Land is the atmosphere: Karim and Adriane are wonderful people, full of positive energy. The couple was fed up with Switzerland and its stressful, rigid life. After backpacking in Asia, they accidentally arrived to this island and they loved it. There was a family of fisherman and nothing else, the couple didn’t know the language and many other things about the island or the weather. They ended up getting stuck in the island in a little tend with no food during the rainy season. But it’s all part of the adventure, and they managed to build something incredible. nomads land

On Christmas eve Karim took us on the neighbour islands for some snorkeling and to enjoy a perfect sandy beach.


The whole experience in the island was perfect, at the point that Jarel and I have been really considering to build our own little bungalow and have our base there. At the end of the day, Nomads Land would be the perfect home for Nomad’s Wind! Shall I take it as a sign?nomads land