The majority of the population in Singapore today is Chinese, however originally they started to set in the area that is now called Chinatown, that’s why British gave this name to the suburb. The Chinese community call this area Niu Che Shui, which means: bull-cart-water, cause they used to transport water with cart driven by animals (at least this is what Wikipedia say).

In the busy central streets you can find all sort of things; from souvenirs to antique, from fashion to chinese medicine. As soon as you get out of the crowd, the explosion of colours continue with the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest and most important Hindu temple. When I went to see the temple, a ceremony was taking place and I got hypnotize by their ritual, the noise and smoke of incense.

Another amazing temple in the area is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, where is apparently preserve the tooth of Buddha and where you can admire a swarm of gold Buddha.

I can personally spend hours observing smiling buddhas and mysterious religious ritual, but I can spend even longer digging in markets with all sort of unusual, funny, sparkling and many times useless stuff. Of course chinese markets are the best for this kind of hunting. No wonder than that the combination of temples plus market that you can find in Singapore is an offer that I can’t refuse.

Another big component of Chinatown is the big and various offer of food. To be honest I am not a big fun of chinese food; too much sweet and sour, slimy duck and very fat pork for my taste; but when I spot a place that was serving crocodile I jumped in it  and tried. Not a typical chinese dish I guess, but I loved it so I was really happy with my choice!

Again is not easy to bring back some crocodile or all the colorful little objects that I love, but at least I have my pictures!