A quick post on the visa extension situation in Thailand, Chiang Mai in particular.

I keep reading many questions and many different answers about visa extensions, so I thought it would be useful to share my experience.  I did my visa extension yesterday (11\11\2014) and the process was smooth, easy and took me less then an hour!

People coming from Italy, and another 52 countries, don’t need a Visa to get to Thailand. Once they arrive at the airport they will have a 30 day VISA EXEMPTION, which means that there are no fees or papers to do and they will be allowed to stay in the country for 30 days.

Because Thailand is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people, beaches, jungles and cheap comforts, people often want to stay more than 30 days. How? Applying for a VISA EXTENSION (it is called a visa extension even if you didn’t enter on a visa) and will allow you to stay another 30 days maximum.

To get the visa extension you will need to go into one of the immigration offices. This is the one in Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Provincial Immigration Office.

To make the process easier and faster, be sure that you get everything you need:

  1. A copy of the first page of your passport.
  2. A copy of the stamp page with the departure card.
  3. The address of where you are staying in Thailand. Note: Not just the name of the hotel, but the actual address with street name, number and post code.
  4. One passport size picture.
  5. THB 1,900 to pay for the processing.

You will find the form to fill up with your details at the office.

Hand your paper into the office, pay the fee, wait for the the paper to be processed and that’s it. You will have a new stamp on the very same day.

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Remember that you are going to a public office, which means that beach outfits or stained tops are not appropriate.

The extension starts from when your initial 30 days expired so it does’t matter when you apply.

You can have the extension just once, after that, if you wish to stay more, you will have to leave the country and enter again to get another 30 day exemption.

I hope everything is clear and useful!