There are heaps of travel tools popping out like mushrooms and you just can’t keep up with all of them. Plus they are not all useful, so sometimes you waste your time trying to figure out something that you don’t even need.

I’m not a tech person so it’s difficult for me to start using a new app and then stick to it. Most of the time either they sound too complicated, so I don’t even start, either after using it a couple of times, I forget about it.

This didn’t happen with Trover, which actually created a real addiction. How did this happened? Well, it’s so easy to use that even I could figure it out without any problem, it’s all about travel and finding inspirations for new trips (which I probably don’t really need), and you can find some really awesome photography. Sounds about perfect to me!



I discovered Trover about one year ago and I still stick with it. Following Trover I found some beautiful places that I didn’t know about, and it also helped me in organizing some of my trips. I know that it’s already very popular and many people might know everything about it, but there are some that still don’t, so here I am: introducing you to Trover.

What is Trover

Trover is the place where you can ‘discover the best of everywhere’, it help you to find new travel inspirations and to plan your trips. It can be addicting and can make you want to buy too many flight ticket, so use it with caution!

Trover is a visual app: users upload images of places completed with information or advices about that place. It can be anything, from a beautiful monument, to a landscape or a restaurant; but everything is travel related. It’s a community where people share their travel experiences and discovers, helping other people to find new places or better organize their trips.

All the images are geo-tagged so that you know where that place is and how to reach it.



One less travel related thing, is that some of the pictures that you will find on Trover are incredible, and looking at beautiful pictures is always a good way to improve your photography.

How does it work

You can look up at specific places. I find this useful when I read or hear about places from other people. I got the description, but I want to see how it looks like, so I just pop in the app, look for it and find images plus extra information and tips. When you open a picture, you will also be able to see other pictures of places close by so you can have a good view of the whole area.



You can see what’s around you and how far it is from where you are. This is my favorite thing! You would be surprised of how many time there are beautiful things around you that you have never heard about! It can be a small temple on the hills of Chiang Mai, a food stall around the corner, or you might find the perfect weekend getaway destination just a couple of hours away. When I first started to use Trover I was in my home city, in the north of Italy and, just playing around with it, I found some gorgeous places not too far away that I didn’t know anything about.



You can choose the category. There is New, Food, Outdoor, Arts and All, so you can filter your research in base of what you’re looking for.

You can create lists. This is one of the most useful features. I just left Vietnam, where I went without any guidebook. I opened Trover, looked for Vietnam and lots of beautiful pictures came up. I picked the places that I liked the most, saved them on my Vietnam list and that’s it, I had my itinerary done! I’m doing the same for my upcoming trip to the Philippine, and as you can see there are so many  gorgeous things to choose from! How I gonna do?!



You can create lists by country or by subject. For example, I love temples, so I like to save them on a list and maybe one day I will manage to check them all out! You can choose whatever you like to see and organize it in your list.

Those lists are public, so other people can follow them or you can follow other people one if you share common interests and maybe interact with each other. Also, If you are planning a specific trip you might find someone that have done the same one already and organized that on his list, so you can just follow that list and it’s done! You have an itinerary ready for you!

You can upload pictures from your laptop, phone, facebook or Instagram! Basically, you can share any time anywhere, which make things very easy.

You can follow other trovers, comment on other people posts or thank them for what they posted.



Trover also has some lists on its own to help you explore: Top Trovers, What’s Hot, What’s New and Featured Lists. Basically everything is easily set for you to discover more and find new and exciting destinations.

Aren’t you convinced yet? Have a look at the site and, of course, my profile, and I bet you gonna be hooked!