If you are seeking to escape the western frenetic world to dig yourself in a new cultural experience and beautiful natural landscape, Seminyak is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you want a holiday with all the comforts, some extra luxury and international party, Seminyak is the place to be.

Every year a flot of tourist, mainly Australian, migrate to the island to escape the winter and chase the perfect wave and party. Kuta and Legian are the areas that gets hitten more by this migration and quickly became the busiest and cheaper spots of the island, mainly populated by tan loud party seeker wearing muscle shirt.

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What about Seminyak?

Seminyak offers five star hotels and restaurants, unique boutique and interior designs shop, Beach Clubs with international DJs like the Potatoes Head, relaxing beach bars and australian style cafe. The good thing is that within the fancy hotel and restaurants you can still find some cheap options which allow you to stay on a budget avoiding Kuta’s crowd.

Party wise, places like the Potato Head are perfect: beautiful setting between the ocean and palm trees, international DJs and lots of different events. If you prefer to chill on the beach watching the sunset with a beer you should go to places like the Bali Juice Park.

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In Seminyak you can find probably the best and more expensive restaurants in Bali with cousines spacing from Western to Asian or Fusion. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and have very good food, try the Biku, Warung Eropa or the Ginger Moon.

Entertainment is not missing in Seminyak but with that you will also find tourists scams behind every corner, annoying and noisy traffic, taxi drivers that don’t want to use the meter and you will barely realize that you are in Bali. On the bright side about half an hour drive will take you to beautiful places.

On the north you have the beautiful Tanah Lot Temple where you should go to watch the sunset. On the south, on the top of a cliff and populated by monkeys, there is the Uluwatu temple. I have read many stories of naughty monkeys trying to steal everything from you, including flip flop from kids while they are walking but when I went there they were really quiet and were actually the tourist that were trying to annoy them.


Always half an hour away you have Nusa Dua with almost empty beaches and beautiful flat water to swim in.

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In conclusion Seminyak has all the comfort that you wish at a cheap price with all the cons of busy touristic destinations like scams and traffic. The balinese culture is little, hidden and left this place for a more Australian lifestyle.